The philosophy Of Fashion

Fashion is a concept generally left up to personal interpretation.Everyone has their own philosophy when it comes to his or her wardrobe ,or none at all. Some people dare to be different with striped socks and big hats whilst others dare to be dull. Some see fashion as a platform to express themselves and their opinions whilst others see it as an industry of superficiality and judgement.

My philosophy on fashion is ‘less is more’ , ‘skin doesn’t mean sexy’ , ‘be smart but spontaneous’ and ‘be you’. These may sound as cliché as it gets but they’re called clichés for a reason. First ,if you wear your whole closet and jewelry box around your neck you’ll look like a walking Christmas tree and no one will be able to concentrate on one amazing piece. Be smart ,you can wear the same thing twice or even three times if you desire ,just be smart about where ,when and how you wear it but at the same time have fun with it ,and be spontaneous. Be you ,if you’re not a dark person don’t dress like the vampire from dark shadows and if you’re not a whimsical person don’t replicate the mad hatter. Just be you and the world will adjust.

And the two most important things Ladies and Gentleman…dress for your body and dress for your age.If you’re a beautifully curvy ,dress for your curves and compliment them as much as possible whilst keeping at the treasures in the chest. If you’re gorgeously slim ,wear clothes that show off your body without selling it. If you’re a sixty year old women ,dress like the beautifully experienced age you are ,don’t try to dress like the kids because you had your chance. And if you’re a vibrant thirty year old ,dress fun ,young ,exiting after all you can’t stay young forever.

In conclusion fashion is part of our everyday lives and we all have our different takes on it and remember people will stare ,makes it worth their while.

Keep slaying ,stay fierce and embrace your weirdness
Love ya ❤️


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