What you wear on the inside is just as important as important as what you wear on the outside



What I dread the most is a beautiful garment with the wrong under garments. A  white chiffon dress with  neon pink panties reading ‘kiss me’ across her bum. A great outfit can easily be ruined by the incorrect underwear.

Not all of us can go without a bra and still look great ,but you can still wear a suitable , comfortable bra. Strapless bras for thin straps ,seamless bras with thin fabrics ,nude skin color bras with white and sheer fabrics and silicone cups for open backs.

A panty-line visible from the moon is never attractive.  Always wear seemless nude CLASSY underwear with all clothes.

Stockings and spanks are the worse thing to see under clothes. Make sure the spanks you wear tuck and suck all the places you would like without having other people see ,as well as stockings with thin ,light fabrics.

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Zac Posen Fall 2015 Ready to wear line


The Fall précis of Zac Posen’s secondary line
was all things celestial, but the architect of
red-carpet evening gowns knows more than
just the nighttime. This line is a complete opposite to what we usually see from Zac by Zac Posen , structured ,dark ,pleasantly melancholy and comfortably haunting. Zac Posen has truly out did himself ,so go grab a ready – to – wear fall 2015 piece and look your best.

Timeless beauty


Throwback to one of my favourite Academy Awards looks of all time. Audrey Hepburn, 1954 Oscars where she won best actress for Roman Holiday. She looked beautiful ,elegant and breathtaking. Timeless beauty.